Prosjekt, Alpha Mud


Alpha Mud

By: Håvard Furø Pettersen, Kristoffer Borgen and Dylan Paul Lesperance

Title: Alpha Mud

Genre: FPS, Action-Adventure

Platform: Playstation 4

Audience:People over 18 years old.

Length: Main story 20+ hours.

Story and Setting

Alpha mud is set in a chaotic United States in the 1960s that have been conquered by a power hungry man named Bob Jones. He was in a group of people that got their hands on a nuclear weapon in 1945 and managed to take over the United States. The streets and towns are now full of crimes and fighting. Different states are also affected by nuclear weapons that have been launched at them. Then in the start of the 1960s you as the main character managed to get a crew of people to fight Bob Jones in a wartorn United States. The main goal is to take the power from Bob Jones and fight down his army in different states. In the end the player can choose how the new United States will be, the player can be a new Bob Jones or someone that makes the country go back to how it was before Bob Jones got the power. The player is free to do what he wants all the time, the main story will only move forward when you do certain main missions. The climate and setting in each state will be close to how it usually is in real life.

Main Character

The game starts by the player making a character. When you choose to start the campaign, the player will get the option to choose a name, the gender and the visuals of the character. The player can choose a wide variety of skin colors, hairstyles, facial hair and also the color of the hair and facial hair separately. When it comes to the more physical aspect of the character, it is possible to choose to stretch your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, chin and overall face to create what you have in your vision. It is also possible to choose height and body types.

The character will only speak when the player choose one out of four possible answers in a conversation. By the end of the game it is possible to be looked at as a sick and power hungry person or as a hero that saved the country. It all depends on how you interact with the people and what you choose to do in different scenarios before reaching your main goal by taking down Bob Jones.


The game has some key parts that you will be spending time on. Building and managing your own settlements. Handling other factions in different ways, like befriending them, spying on them and going to war with them. You’ll also be exploring the world, finding new allies and enemies, finding resources that you need to survive. The player walks through the streets equipped with weapons to handle bandits, while scavenging for resources and exploring. The player can also find vehicles to travel around faster with, to go out of the city or transport items between settlements. The player can take part in battles with their soldiers with a range of melee or ballistic weapons or send them out on smaller missions by themselves. By the end of the game all resource gathering and supply making can be automatic with the help of NPCs. Throughout the game you can choose to do the main mission or to just focus on other elements of the game.


R2 = Shoot R1 = Throwable items L2 = Aim L1 = Throwable items X = Jump/Interact/Yes O = Crouch/prone/No Square = Reload Triangle = Use item in item slot Start = Menu Touchpad = Inventory Left analog = Walk/run Right analog = Look around D-Pad = Quick change of weapons/items

Graphic Style

The Graphics will look realistic, it doesn't necessarily have to be the best quality, but all our graphics should be smooth. Many other open-world games like Arma and DayZ lack in animations, where they generally are choppy and buggy. We do not want to continue this trend with our game, so we will make it a point to have smooth and realistic looking graphics.

Sound and Music

Sound and music will play out through the game. Sounds and music have a huge part in visualization when it comes to shooter games. You will mostly hear what your actions are apart from when you are standing still then NPC sounds will become louder and clearer. Some examples of what has sound are: reloading,jumping,running,walking,shooting, fighting and throwing to name a few. When you engage in a war with another state the music pace will speed up to support the gameplay. The music style will be related to war and a post apocalyptic time. Music to be used will have a fast and heavy metal-inspired sound and will be used to hype the player for big enemy encounters and boss battles.

Multiplayer Game Modes

The gamemode is called “Mud survival” The multiplayer focuses on you conquering other states in America. To do so you must build your defenses, grow your alliance and kill the enemy. By killing the leader for each different state you take over that state. This will give you more resources, weapons and armour and make you a stronger fighter. Each state has a set difficulty so its not best to attack the strongest without having conquered other small states to enlarge your army. Once all states have been conquered, you win and the game ends. You can play this online using the party finder, You can also play it solo or with friends with a maximum of 4 people at the same time. The difficulty of the gamemode scales depending on how many people are playing it at the same time.

Target Platform

The targeted platform for Alpha Mud will be the Playstation 4. This platform provides an enthusiastic online community, and in our opinion it has the best controller among the three main consoles. Since the game requires precision and skill, the Playstation 4 provides more than enough in order to achieve this goal.

Target Audience

Target audience for this game will be 18+ and older, our game will have PEGI 18 so as long as you are older you are good to go. Finding the target audience requires some research of other games in the same genre, find out what the best game in the genre is and what audience their targeted and how similar our game could be and compare those. What skill do you need to play the game, if high skill is required you may need a bit higher audience and that's where our game gets in the picture. Our game is above average skill and a dark and rich story with realistic combat, therefore we chose to have PEGI 18 so we know we hit the right audience right away.

Competitive Analysis

Alpha Mud

By: Håvard Furø Pettersen, Kristoffer Borgen and Dylan Paul Lesperance

Our game will have a modern feel to it. With realistic graphics and focus on lowering costs where possible. We believe “Alpha Mud”t has great possibilities of becoming the next gaming franchise. The game is set in America due to the fact that America is very central in the gaming community. This is a good selling point and will automatically boost sales numbers. If the game would happen to get popular and a demand for a new game were to be requested, a sequel to Alpha Mud could be set anywhere else in the world.

We are now going to compare Alpha Mud with other games in the same genre and look at the differences that can be positive for us, and other things that possibly can be looked at as negative.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (unreleased) 26.11.2018

Publisher: Rockstar Games

+ Apocalyptic world

+ You can't make your own character

+ More modern time

- Same type of open world

- Similar combat

- Similar type of progress by main missions

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (unreleased)

Publisher: TaleWorlds Entertainment

+ The game is set in medieval times

+ Set in hills and deserts, not cities

+ Mainly in top-down view

- Will most likely have good combat where you fight alongside your own soldiers.

- you can have your own army and manage your own city.

- The main playstyle you conquer other cities and villages until you are king over the

whole continent.

- Expansive Character creation

Horizon: Zero Dawn 28.02.2017

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

+ No character creation

+ Little to no karma system

+ Released a relatively long time ago

+ Fantasy setting

- Open world RPG

- Fully voiced

The Witcher 3: Wild hunt. 19.05.2015

Publisher: CD Projekt

+ Different kind of combat

+ Guns

+ Released a relatively long time ago

- Fully voiced

- Open world

Mass Effect: Andromeda 21.03.17

Publisher: EA

+ Bad reviews

+ Different time and setting

- Bigger world

- Similar karma system

- Similar character creator

Far cry 5. 27.03.18

Publisher: Ubisoft

+ We are aiming to capture the feeling of all the states in one game

+ You can build and form your own crew

- Character creator

- Open world

- Set in the United states

- Combat

- Similar types of civilians/NPCs

Homefront: The Revolution. 20.05.2016

Publisher: Deep Silver

+ Make your own character

+ Different endings

+ Different periods of time

- Open world

- Similarity in the backstory

- Combat

Concept Document

Alpha Mud

By: Håvard Furø Pettersen, Kristoffer Borgen and Dylan Paul Lesperance

Controls & Interface

R2 = Shoot R1 = Throwable items L2 = Aim L1 = Throwable items X = Jump/Climb/Interact/Yes O = Crouch/prone/No Square = Reload Triangle = Use item in item slot Start = Menu Touchpad = Inventory Left analog = Walk/run Right analog = Look around/move camera D-Pad = Quick change of weapons/items


In the far-right corner you will be able to see a number with the amount of ammunition you have in the weapon. On the left side is the amount the player has in the weapon right now, and then it is divided by a slash and the amount that you have in the inventory. A weapon can only hold a specific amount before reloading. All the different categories of weapon have a different picture for the kind of ammunition they got.

Grenade and health packs:

Under the ammo the player will be able to see the number of grenades in the inventory and the same with health packs. Each will have their own logos first and then a number representing the amount. Health packs are divided in small, medium and large. Small heals the player for 30 damage, medium is 65 and large for 100. When you equip a small health pack the logo on the screen for the health packs will have a “S” on it, when you equip a medium pack there will be a “M” and for large packs there is a “L”. Each grenade also got its own logo on the screen.


On the far top right side the player can see a map on the area around. Around the map there will be a N for north, e for east, w for west and s for south so it is easier for the player to navigate.


Inventory/quick change:

When you press the touchpad you gain access to your own inventory, in here the player is able to drop and equip items. The different items are weapons, ammunition, health packs and clothes. This inventory is like you backpack that you always have access to. Since this is supposed to be a backpack and not your own base, it is only possible to store 20 items at once. But the same kind of items use the same spot as similar ones. If you got 4 large health packs the will use the same spot and there will be a number 4 next to the items to show how many you got. The player can choose 4 different weapon to have in quick change by pressing one of the directions on the dpad. Each direction holds one weapon. Whenever you are in the inventory there will be a model of your character on the right side of the screen. This way the player can always see how the character look whenever you change clothes. All items that you can have in the inventory can be found from dead bodies or given from npcs.


You can look at the players health as an invisible number. 100 is full health and when it reaches 0 the player dies. Right over the ammo there will be an icon of a heart. at 100 hp, the icon is just green. At 99 to 60 hp the player will not have to many indications that something is wrong but the icon will be light red and have slow movements like a beating heart. From 60 to 45 hp the icon will turn red and beat faster and there will be a light red filter on the screen. When the player is at 44 to 25 the character will start to make heavy breathing sounds every 10 seconds, the heart icon will turn dark red and beat really fast. The filter is now even more red than before. 24 to 1 hp is when they character starts to breath loud and hard every second, the icon of the heart is now glowing og making a lot of movement, the red filter is now dark red so it's harder for the player to see everything. Health is taken away by enemy weapons. You can see the different damages each will deal to the player below in the document. Getting hit by a vehicle is 10 hp in damage for each 5 km/h it is driving at. The player can also take damage from falling. You will start taking damage from jumping higher than 4 meters. For each ekstra meter after 4 meters there will be a 20 more damage each time.


Whenever the player is hit by a weapon or explosion it will flash a dark red line on the screen for 3 seconds. This line will show the player where the damage came from, so will be north, south, east or west on the screen. It can also be on multiple sides at once if the damage did not only come from one side.


While running for more than 10 seconds the ammunition, health packs, grenade and health logos will slowly fade away to make more space on the screen. The map will stay the same.


This game will feature sniper rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, launchers, assault rifles, shotguns, and a riot shield as primary weapons a total of 21 weapons. Knives, pistols, launchers and riot shields will be considered as secondary weapons. They will look and feel like a weapon from where our game is set. The player can only carry 1 primary weapon in hand, but the player can quick change it with 3 other weapons. Upon starting a game you will start with the worst pistol with low ammo. All weapons will have different stats such as damage, fire rate, movability and range. Some weapons allow you to add attachments such as extended mag, fast mag, stock, dual wield, Fore grip, Optic scope, fire-rate and suppressor.


Pistols can use attachments such as dual-wield, suppressors, extended mags, fast mag and fire rate. Your spawn pistol: Fire rate:5/20 Damage: 5/20 Range:5/20 Accuracy:5/20 Semi automatic pistol. Find a new weapon fast! TP-82: Fire rate:5/20 Damage: 18/20 Range:3/20 Accuracy:14/20 Double action revolver pistol. Fires 28 gauge shotgun shells. Luger P08: Fire rate:6/20 Damage: 11/20 Range:6/20 Accuracy:13/20 Semi automatic pistol. High damage at close range. Stechkin: Fire rate:14/20 Damage: 8/20 Range:5/20 Accuracy:14/20 Fully automatic pistol. Incorporates recoil-mitigation technology.


No attachments available. Bazooka: Fire rate:2/20 Damage: 18/20 Range:8/20 Accuracy:6/20 Free-fire shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Smaw: Fire rate:2/20 Damage: 14/20 Range:15/20 Accuracy:14/20 Free-fire shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Can lock on to enemy vehicles and turrets.


No attachments available. Knife: Damage: 9/20 Range:6/20 One button on your controller will trigger a fast knife attack. Long Knife: Damage: 12/20 Range:15/20 One button on your controller will trigger a fast knife attack. Ballistic blade: Fire rate:5/20 Damage: 18/20 Range:18/20 One button on your controller will trigger a fast knife attack. Can also be shot and retrieved.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles can use attachments such, suppressors, extended mags, optic scope, stock, fore-grip fast mag and fire rate. Scar-H: Fire rate:10/20 Damage: 13/20 Range:12/20 Accuracy:9/20 Fully automatic assault rifle. Increased damage and range. Fal: Fire rate:4/20 Damage: 14/20 Range:14/20 Accuracy:15/20 Fully automatic assault rifle. Reduced recoil provides higher accuracy. Type-25: Fire rate:14/20 Damage: 11/20 Range:8/20 Accuracy:10/20 Fully automatic assault rifle. High rate of fire with moderate recoil.

Submachine Guns:

Submachine guns can use attachments such, suppressors, extended mags, stock, fore-grip fast mag and fire rate. Msmc: Fire rate:8/20 Damage: 13/20 Range:8/20 Accuracy:15/20 Fully automatic submachine gun. Increased range and reduced recoil. Mp7: Fire rate:6/20 Damage: 15/20 Range:6/20 Accuracy:9/20 Fully automatic personal defence weapon. Versatile and strong overall. Skorpion: Fire rate:14/20 Damage: 14/20 Range:4/20 Accuracy:8/20 Fully automatic submachine gun. Highest rate of fire in class.

Sniper Rifles:

Sniper rifles can use attachments such, suppressors, extended mags,fast mag and fire rate. Svu-as: Fire rate:5/20 Damage: 14/20 Range:19/20 Accuracy:17/20 Semi-automatic sniper rifle. High fire rate with low recoil. Ballista: Fire rate:1/20 Damage: 17/20 Range:19/20 Accuracy:18/20 Bolt action sniper rifle. Deadly from the chest up, with faster handling speeds. Dsr 50: Fire rate:1/20 Damage: 19/20 Range:19/20 Accuracy:16/20 Bolt action sniper rifle. Deadly from the waist up.


Shotguns can use attachments such, suppressors, extended mags, fore-grip, fast mag and fire rate. R780 Mcs: Fire rate:2/20 Damage: 18/20 Range:15/20 Accuracy:16/20 Pump action shotgun. Strong damage and range. S12: Fire rate:7/20 Damage: 16/20 Range:4/20 Accuracy:14/20 Semi automatic shotgun. Deadly at short range. Riot shield: This shield will block all incoming attacks. It can also be used a weapon. This will not have any attachments.


Dud: This grenade is old and only has a 50 percent chance of it actually exploding Grande (large in italian): This grenade has a large explosive range and is highly effective. Can destroy buildings. Will blow things up 100% with certainty.


Flashbang Flashbangs are powerful support tools, disabling enemies with a blinding flash of light that stops sprinting and causes total visual impairment if the grenade goes off with the target looking directly at it. Takes 3 seconds to throw. Concussion Powerful stun weapon that stagger enemies caught in the blast radius. It slows their movement and causes aim to sway wildly. This takes 1.5 seconds to throw.


Extended mag, this attachment extends the amount of ammo in any magazine of any weapon . Fast mag, this attachment double the reload speed of any weapon. Stock, this attachment you can move about easier while aiming. Dual wield, This attachment lets you dual wield any pistol. Fore grip, This attachment reduces the amount of recoil and boosts your accuracy. Accuracy + 2. Variable scope, This attachment lets you adjust your zoom. Fire-rate, This attachment increases your firing rate. By 2 from the previous. Suppressor, this attachment suppresses the amount of sound coming from your weapon. Lowers damage by 2 and range by 1.

Game Interactions

This game is PEGI 18 +. You play as the main character from his eyes since this is a first person shooter game. You will be accompanied by a npc with you throughout the campaign, the npc shouts out navigational and informative information as you move about. He will shout out hints as to what you are doing wrong. What you could do better. Why certain actions are taking place and the end goal to keep you on your path. He will be your eyes and ears where you do not have them. When you engage in contact with a npc that has a talk option they will provide audio to your conversation as well as textual. Your actions will also

have audio such as throwing,shooting,getting shot, getting hit etc etc this way your can be certain what is going on at all times. This realism helps you feel more engaged in the game. This game will focus heavily on audio as its a key effect in the game. It should sound and feel like being a person inside of a game.

Single Player

Your character

In this game you play as a character of your own creation. You create your character in detail deciding everything about how the person looks and some of their basic stats, basic stats decide your damage output, your capability of taking damage, How smart your character is and how convincing they are in conversations. Minor skills decide how well they can use their weapons and other equipment.

The character creation consist of choosing the name, the gender and the visuals of the character. The player can choose a wide variety of skin colors, hairstyles, facial hair and also the color of the hair and facial hair separately. When it comes to the more physical aspect of the character, it is possible to choose to stretch your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, chin and overall face to create what you have in your vision. It is also possible to choose height and body types. Clothes ranges from upper body clothes, lower body/pants, shoes and helmet. The name is of your character is never said out loud in the game. It is only written. Your closest allies will sometimes scream boss when they need you.


Normal enemies: This is the enemies that you will meet random inside and outside of cities. They don't have real reasons to attack, but they are just bad guys. The looks of these people are also random because they are made from the character creation mode by a random generator. They can drop ammunition, health and some clothes.

Enemies and leaders from other settlements: It is possible to walk up to the base of other settlements and talk to the guard. Then it is possible to ask for a leader. By choosing between one of 4 possible answers each time, it is possible to become allies or start a war. It all depends what that leader thinks of the player after talking for some time. The player have to figure out what kind of person the leader is and if they agree. If the leader dont like you a war breaks out and the player can choose to run away or fight and kill the leader. If the leader of that settlement is killed, the player gets the base. People in these kind of settlements rare weapons and got better armor than just normal random enemies.

Bob Jones: The fight versus Bob Jones takes place in his giant military base. It is not possible to make peace with him. All of his soldiers has full armor on and takes 50% less damage than normal enemies. Bob Jones himself is the final fight of the game. it is a 1v1 fight and Bob Jones takes 90% less damage than normal enemies.

Story mode

Once you are finished creating your character you are shown a brief intro showing the events that transpired in order to make the world into the wasteland it is and starting the story. After the intro the character spawns in a house with a few key items, like basic healing items, a melee weapon, a basic pistol and some clothes. In the first few missions the character lives on his own completing some objectives in order to survive.

Establishing your settlement

After a few missions the character has to find shelter, there are several options to choose from and it will decide where you have your main base from that point on. These areas are limited to bigger areas like abandoned schools and hospitals. The player can improve this base in several ways. They can clear out enemies that are in different sections of the base or repair areas that were damaged in the bombings, this makes the area accessible and makes it so that the base can house more settlers. The missions in the game will make you set up necessities like securing a water supply and electricity. What you need to do depends on the location you chose.

After you secure the base and get access to necessities you are driven by missions to go out back to the city to find food and other supplies. On a mission you meet two people, George and his sister Sarah. They are non-hostile and are being chased by some outlaws. When you rescue them, they will decide to join you at your base. When you get back to the base you can assign one of the two to manage your settlement. The character you assign to this role will be your contact for any major undertakings. These major undertakings are things like making a wall around the base to make it more defendable, manage the production of food, supplies, equipment and weaponry, as well as managing your settlers and soldiers.

Utilizing your settlers

The other civilian you rescued will become a settler in your base who has a skill stat of 5 in a random stat, making them a valuable settler. All settlers are named and can be interacted with to a limited extent to find out how they’re doing and if there is anything you can do to improve the base. If there is, you will be given a side quest with a small reward of resources

needed for production of supplies or weapons. Settlers will also be happier when you resolve issues around the settlement. These side quests can range from killing outlaws that have come to the area or making sure that there are enough beds in the settlements. This can usually be done by talking to your manager and supplying them with the resources they need. The settlers can all be kicked out of your base if you want to, this is done through talking to the manager. You will be shown how to properly use your manager to manage your settlement through a tutorial-mission.

Once you have settlers in your settlement you can make them “Soldiers” you can tell soldiers to go scavenging for resources in the city, so that you don’t have to do that yourself. This has varying success rates depending on their stats, equipment and items. You can give them weapons, armor and vehicles that can make it less of a risk, faster and more rewarding to send people scavenging.

While exploring you can also set up “Checkpoints”, that functions as a small settlement without functions like producing supplies. Here you can station soldiers to secure the surrounding area and scavenge for resources. These checkpoints can use these resources for themselves or send it back to your settlements. Each settlement has a manager who you can talk to to tell them what to do, much like the manager in your settlement, though on a smaller scale. Resources are used to make medical supplies, ammo, equipment and other improvements to your base. resources can also be used as a bargaining tool with other settlements that you want to improve your relationship with. You can also go out yourself with some of your soldiers and scout and find resources.

The challenge

There are other factions in the game who all have their own goals and mindsets, some want to dominate the region and force everyone to work for them, while others are friendly and want to cooperate in order to restore society. The way you interact with them alters people behavior around you. If you go to war and shoot everyone every chance you get you will be seen as hostile towards most settlements that you haven’t befriended, if you destroy another settlement you can take their resources and force them to work for you. You can also talk peacefully with other settlements in order to trade and eventually ally yourself with them. This doesn’t help your base as much as destroying an enemy, but they can help you if you are ever in need and others will be less aggressive towards you.

As you make your way through the story you will see more of the villain “Bob Jones” who was the one who caused the bombings to empower himself in the new world. He has a major military base that functions about the same way as a settlement and rules as a tyrant, but they are much more powerful than other settlements and he cannot be reasoned with. He also has several allied settlements. The goal of the story is to take down “Bob Jones” and either restore society in peace or rule in his stead, using his weapons to take over all the settlements in the game. Making yourself the sole ruler of the region.

After finishing the game, you can do whatever you want. You can continue taking over other settlements using weapons taken from the military base or using that you saved everyone from Jones’ tyrannical rule as bargaining for allying with other settlements, or threatening them with how they stand no chance against the people who brought down Bob Jones.

Sandbox mode

This mode can be played either by selecting it in the main menu or completing the story. Here you can play without being bothered with story-missions. You can set up the game that you want. You can adjust NPC behavior, set special scenarios, like a world where there are no ballistic weapons, vehicles, electricity or that the world is infested with zombies. This mode can have a set objective to end the game, like taking over all settlements in the game, taking over and restoring a power plant or stopping the zombie hordes. All scenarios start out in generally the same way as the story, tough with some differences, there might be a limit to what weapons the player can find, there can be different enemies around and the surrounding area might look different.


There will be three different difficulties in the game: - Easy: For new players or players not wanting a challenge. Enemies have little HP and does not use tactics and cover as well as in other difficulties. Other factions will never attack before the player has made contact with an aggressive faction, or made an enemy of a neutral faction.

- Medium: The recommended difficulty. Enemies full HP, uses cover more effectively and coordinates with each other. They use usually use medium quality armor and guns. Aggressive factions might attack the player if the player’s faction has been discovered and there is a significant difference in power in favour to the npc faction. - Hard: NPCs have the same amount of health as on medium, but they also use higher quality equipment, making them do and withstand more damage, They use advanced tactics and ammunition and weapons are harder to come by. Your settlers complain more. And other enemies WILL attack if they have discovered the player and they are more powerful than the player.

Single Player Game Mechanics

Navigating Through the Game

The game will have the standard movement, you can walk, run and climb, crouch and lay down anywhere as long as the terrain allows it. If the terrain is to steep, you will be forced to stop. There is also a sneak function you can use to get into places undetected if you want to launch a surprise attack or steal something. There are certain areas you are not allowed to walk into, like a hostile settlement. If you do walk in you will be forced leave or be attacked on sight depending on your standing with the settlement in question. You can also find vehicles. These can be used to transport yourself as well as passengers and cargo, depending on how many seats and how much storage space the vehicle has. There are different types of vehicles like station wagons and trucks, where a truck has fewer seats, but more storage space. These can also be given to settlers on scavenging missions to make the mission go faster, yield more resources and be safer from attacks.

Player Stats

These stats will be shown as “CBE”(Combat Efficiency), “Durability”, “Intelligence” and “Charisma” and they all cap at 20. At the start you get some (4) points that you can apply in the stats that you want for your character. You also have the protagonist’s minor skills which revolve around how well they can handle certain weapons, armor and healing methods. These skills would be titled “Melee weapons” “Handguns”, “Assault weapons” (assault rifles, submachineguns, shotguns), “Sniper rifles” and “Heavy weapons”(experimental miniguns and launchers) for offensive skills and other skills like “Vehicles” (what vehicle you can drive(trucks,tanks)).

Settler stats

The settlers can be assigned to different jobs at the base, the different jobs include medical (used to heal sick/injured settlers), farming (used to gain food) and production (used to make supplies) and Combat (for all combat situations). Each of these jobs has a skill stat each, which decide how effective the settler is in their job and what quality the items they make are. If a character has higher stats in Medical, they will be able to heal injured and sick people more effectively and make more advanced medpacks. The Soldier skill is useful for all settlers as they might have to defend your base. A settler can have 1-20 in all stats. A settler can “level up” in these skills 10 times after coming to the settlement. This means that the settler will have the stats they arrived with, which might be: Medical-3 Farming-1 Production-2 Combat-2. For a level 8 settler Who can then get 10 extra points,which can result in the stats: Medical-13 Farming-1 Production-2 Combat-2 These level ups happen while they are working at one of the workstations. The stat that improves will align with the job they are working on.

Any Settler can come to the base with a max level of 20, Which enables you to max out at least one of it’s stats. Having a stat maxed gives them a perk making them more valuable. The level they come to you with depends on how well known your base is. This depends on how much and how you have interacted with the other factions in the game and how much you have improved on your base. This also changes how many settlers come to your base. You can tell your manager to put word out that you are not taking any new settlers to stop people from coming. This can be useful if you don’t think your base can accommodate more settlers or you have reached the maximum number of settlers and you don’t want to replace anyone. The maximum varies with how much of the base you have unlocked by repairing damaged areas and clearing enemies.


The multiplayer is called “Mud Survival”. In this mode you can play with on a server either by yourself or with up to three other players. Players can join each other by setting up a party. Here they can specify whether they want friends to join them or if they want it to be public. You can play in both story mode and sandbox, you start the game in the same way as in the single player mode, but each player starts in a different house. When all the players have set up their characters and gathered their items they can meet up in the street outside the starting houses. Any decisions made in the game has to be approved by the other players, this is done by pausing the game and having a pop-up in the corner of the screen with the dialogue options that the other player is choosing. This is done to prevent the content from covering the screen while a player might be in combat. This does not apply to general conversations, just whenever a decision has to be made. The characters are not dependent on each other in any other way than that they both use the same settlement, and that they share the same missions. This means that they can play together sitting in a car or fighting in a battle. Or they can be on the opposite ends of the map doing their own thing, only depending on what the players want to do.